“I believe in the power of music and the arts to change perceptions, prompt empathy, and embolden our hearts and humanity. I’m looking for ways to use these tools to promote social and environmental justice, in addition to growing connections.”

In Kinship Archives & Performance Fellows  Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Lilah Akin, Tyler Rai, and Emilia Dahlin

In Kinship Archives & Performance Fellows Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Lilah Akin, Tyler Rai, and Emilia Dahlin


What possibilities emerge when we look at social repair and environmental care as public, creative acts? The Archives & Performance Fellowship is a year-long opportunity with stipends for four Fellows that follows the tradition of Wabanaki Guiding, connecting Native and non-Native people to place through experience, language, and story. Fellows will experiment with research and performance approaches to understand stories and histories of the Penobscot River and watershed. They will collaborate to create new work, inspired by their learning, that addresses ecological recovery and social justice. Fellowship activities will be led by Penobscot Nation partners and will center indigenous knowledge and experience.

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“We make the road

by walking”

Thirty-five Artists, Nine Countries, One Vision

In 2009, Emilia Dahlin and collaborator, Dib Bicknell founded The Transcendence Project, a vision born of Emilia and Deb’s experiences and convictions in the power of music to build community and give people the power to transcend their physical, spiritual, intellectual and

emotional limitations.

The following year, Emilia and Deb were invited by Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine to the 2012 Educator's Course, "Expressive Arts; Educational Transformations," to facilitate and produce a culminating, public performance, We Make The Road By Walking.

Artists, musicians, and educators from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, the USA, India, and Pakistan who actively resist the status quo to create something rare, hopeful and beautiful together came together at Seeds Of Peace. Participants engaged in dialogue and conflict with one another; they met the challenges of everyday life; they expressed themselves through the arts and stretched to understand one another, while focusing on themes of home, conflict, upheaval, displacement, migration, suffering, loss and love.

A text was developed and edited by the group. This text was then woven into a single narrative and performed, along with music and choreographed movements, at the Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine. The process and performance took place over the course of only ten days.

Two years later, a grant funded the recording and compilation of the songs (We Make The Road By Walking) to accompany the print resource for peace workers using the arts as their medium.

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